At Anglican Overseas Aid we are committed to constantly improving our commitment to governance, transparency and accountability.

We have an ongoing process of refining Anglican Overseas Aid’s committee structures. This has included changing our constitution to expand our organisational membership. An increase in members means more quality and experienced voices speaking into our life and work, which helps us further improve what we do.

Below you will find information about our committees, their roles and membership, along with our governance structure. If you would like more information, please contact us on 1800 249 880 or at

Reverend Dr Bob Mitchell
CEO, Anglican Overseas Aid


The Anglican Overseas Aid board has established standing committees to improve board effectiveness and efficiency where activities require more concentrated effort and specialist skills.

All committee members are board directors unless indicated with an *

The Governance and Nominations Committee is responsible for working with and supporting the CEO to ensure that the governance of Anglican Overseas Aid meets the highest standards. This includes overseeing appointments to the Board of Directors and committees, the appointment and performance of the CEO, education and development of board and committee members and the CEO, and to assist the CEO in identifying candidates for senior management positions.

Committee members:

  • Lisa Brookman (Chair)
  • Claire Miller
  • Associate Professor Julian Rait

The Finance, Risk and Audit Committee is responsible for statutory compliance, accounting, risk management and finance. Members of the committee also offer an expert resource for supporting Anglican Overseas Aid staff when dealing with such matters. Their work includes oversight of all financial reporting, preparing the annual budget, and assessing opportunities for the agency to increase income.

Committee members:

  • Anthony Hickson (Chair)
  • Associate Professor Julian Rait
  • Ray Hughes-Odgers*

The Development Committee is responsible for ensuring Anglican Overseas Aid’s development programs are of the highest quality and comply with the agency’s strategic direction. Members of the committee also provide expert technical resources and support to Anglican Overseas Aid staff in relation to programs. Their roles include shaping and reporting on the geographic and sectoral focus of programs, recommending new programs, partners and countries, and reporting on the quality and effectiveness of our work.

Committee members:

  • Glenn Scott (Chair)
  • Fiona Oates*
  • Andrew Newmarch*
  • Dr Nathan Grills*
  • Dr Chris Morgan
  • Associate Professor Julian Rait
  • Dr Alison Morgan*


Notes about the Governance structure:

  1. The President is a member of Anglican Overseas Aid, and takes an active interest in its work and direction.
  2. The Archbishop-in-Council approves the directors of Anglican Overseas Aid. The persons approved as directors are subsequently confirmed by the membership of the company at the AGM.
  3. The CEO reports to the board, and executive staff report to the CEO.
  4. The committees can be made up of board members, staff and external experts.
  5. Our governing document can be viewed here.