Anglican Overseas Aid is an overseas relief and development agency of the Anglican Church of Australia.


Our vision is for a just, peaceful and sustainable world free of poverty.


Anglican Overseas Aid works in partnership with Anglican and like-minded agencies to:

  • Create and strengthen partnerships in developing countries to overcome poverty, injustice and disaster;
  • Support our partners to respond and adapt to environmental challenges; and
  • Inspire Australians to be compassionate, involved and responsible global citizens.

Our Values

In the spirit of the Christian Gospel, Anglican Overseas Aid:

  • Works for justice, equity, reconciliation and peace.
  • Acts in solidarity with the poor and marginalised.
  • Responds with compassion.
  • Works with respect to build on the strengths in partner communities.
  • Is committed to transparency and accountability.
  • Strives to achieve sustainable outcomes that improve quality of life.

Strategic Plan

As part of our commitment to transparency, you can review our strategic goals for 2016 – 2019.

Strategic goal 1

To become more innovative in our programs through a broader range of partners, different modes of partnering, and an active exploration of alternative models including social enterprise.

Strategic goal 2

To achieve a diversified and sustainable financial base for Anglican Overseas Aid with a measured performance better than the sector.

Strategic goal 3

To expand Anglican Overseas Aid’s focus on emergencies through disaster risk mitigation and an emphasis on longer-term recovery within a sustainable development framework.

Strategic goal 4

To leverage our faith identity so that our stakeholders achieve a deeper understanding and engagement with Anglican Overseas Aid as a leading niche development agency.

Strategic goal 5

To actively seek improvement in our internal processes, while adopting a ‘whole-of-organisation’ view.