This is the time of year when many Parishes are planning for 2018. If that includes you and your Parish, why not consider inviting an Anglican Overseas Aid speaker to preach on a Sunday morning or speak to one of your groups?

We have an experienced range of speakers who can cover a range of topics to do with our work, all framed within the context of God’s care for the poor.

We see church and community engagement as one of the pillars of our work.

The work we do is grounded in our belief in biblical justice. In Matthew 25, Jesus says to his disciples that when we feed the hungry, welcome the stranger and look after the sick, we are doing it for him.

We believe that this is what being a disciple is about. A disciple is someone who follows their master. In John’s gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that where he was sent, “so I send you”.

Jesus was sent to the outcast, the poor and the oppressed of this world. The mission of Anglican Overseas Aid is to do the same.

More than raising funds to support our partners overseas, partnering with churches and other community groups is important for us because it allows us to go with you on a journey of discipleship.  

Part of that includes having one of our staff speak at your church or community group. In 2018 we want to get more of our staff out into your churches to share the good news of God’s mission to transform the world.

Our staff can preach from the Lectionary or focus on speaking about our work, whichever suits your needs.

To book a speaker to come and speak at your church or community group, call us on 1800 249 880 or email us at