Help victims of the Kerala floods in India

In the evening of Thursday the 9 August 2018, the state of Kerala in southern India experienced severe flooding due to continuing rains.

The floods have displaced more than 800,000 people and killed more than 350. The floods have impacted around 70% of Kerala State (or an estimated 23 million people).

Anglican Overseas Aid has launched an appeal to help the people of Kerala in recovery efforts through our membership of the global ACT Alliance.

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The incessant rains have caused havoc by flooding many districts in the northern districts of Kerala namely Idukki, Ernakulam, Malapuram, Kozhikode, Palakkad and Wyanad. The flooding has damaged infrastructure, agricultural lands and houses. Approximately 9,000 people have shifted to 64 camps in Ernakulam, 3,521 people in Idukki.


Many roads have been cut off and many districts are witnessing power shutdowns. The power shutdown may also trigger a drinking water crisis in some of the affected areas. 241 relief camps have been set up and 15,700 people from the low lying areas have been shifted to those camps.

This is the second wave of flooding in Kerala in this monsoon period.

Your continuing support to ease this suffering will help us reach thousands of people.

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The floods have put the districts in a state of crisis. The flood-affected persons find themselves in a desperate situation, with many unmet vital humanitarian needs such as access to sufficient food, safe shelter and basic non-food items, basic health services and facilities, safe drinking water, as well as sanitation and hygiene infrastructure, livelihood activities, protection services and adequate nutrition.

What your donations will provide

Anglican Overseas Aid has committed $5,000 from our Rapid Response Emergency Fund to respond. The funding will provide basic food, temporary shelter, non-food items, hygiene/dignity kits, water storage container, water purifiers, agricultural seeds and allied services, cash transfer to 4,000 affected households in the coming months.

To donate to our Kerala, India Floods Appeal, click on the ‘Please Donate’ button below (choose ’02B. Kerala India Flood Appeal’ from the ‘Donation’ drop-down menu) or call us on 1800 249 880.

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